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If you collect beer advertising openers or corkscrews, this is the web site you have been looking for. Through Just for Openers (JFO), you "open" new resources of information and access to other collectors. Continue reading for information on Club membership, Newsletters, the Annual Convention and Publications.

Just for Openers was founded in 1979 by Don Bull of Wirtz, Virginia. Members in the United States and Canada mainly collect beer advertising openers and corkscrews, but may also collect soda advertising openers, wall mount openers, figural cast iron bottle openers, can openers, Cigar Box Openers (CBOs) and corkscrews from all over the world.

Openers By State
with JFO Type & Listing Number

NOTE: Many older bottle openers have a small square hole called a "Prest-O-Lite Key".
It was used to turn the valve on automobile gas headlights from about 1910 through the early 1930's before electric headlights were widely used.
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Washington DC Dr Pepper Fake Openers Soda Handbook Cigar Box Openers (CBOs)

Definition of the Term Church Key???

World's Largest Collection of Bottle Openers Guinness Book of World Records (32,411 Different Openers & Corkscrews)
YouTube Art Santen of St Louis MO KETC
YouTube Art Santen St Louis Arch Collection

Current Handbook

"The Handbook of United States Beer Advertising Openers and Corkscrews"
Picturing over 2,000 types and listing over 22,000 openers
Often referred to as "The Handbook", it is a great way for opener & corkscrew collectors to inventory their collections

How to Use The Handbook ???

Handbook Pictures Handbook Listings Prices & Number of Listings
Handbook Pictures are by Type or Style Handbook Listings are of all known
U. S. Beer & Malt Openers & Corkscrews for each Type or Style
Prices (1981-Current) Since 1978 for each Type or Style
the Last Number Listing used for that Year

JFO Membership: Membership (over 200 members) is free via this web site. Join today by sending in your collecting information to JFO, PO Box 51008, Durham, NC 27717.

JFO News Online Edition does random updates. All members are encouraged to send in articles and members are allowed a free ad in each issue.

Annual JFO Convention: JFO members have visited places all over the United States. Conventions are something you don't want to miss as you see openers and corkscrews you have never seen before and have a chance to add them to your collection. Members spend time in a central meeting/hospitality room (Wednesday-Saturday), attend an auction (Friday) and participate in the Saturday show (8-1) open to the public with members having displays in the display contest. Members and non-members are welcome. Details for this annual event are found the Convention tab of JFO News. Mark your calendar for the 2022 JFO Convention in Miamisburg Ohio (Sept 28th-Oct 2nd).

JFO Conventions (1979-2028)

Date Location Host
Date Location Host
1979 August 18 Trumbull Connecticut Don Bull
Convention Attendees
2004 April 14-17 San Francisco California John Cartwright
John Stanley
1980 April 19 Hazelwood Missouri Ollie Hibbeler
2005 April 13-16 Omaha Nebraska John Mlady
1981 April 24-25 Hazelwood Missouri Bob Chapman
2006 April 19-23 Nashville Tennessee John Stanley
1982 April 22-24 Indianapolis Indiana Joe Balaban
2007 April 25-29 Harrisburg Pennsylvania Ben Hoffman
David Hoffman
Harold Queen
1983 April 21-23 Indianapolis Indiana Joe Balaban
2008 April 16-20 Saint Louis Missouri Ollie Hibbeler
Art Santen
John Stanley
1984 April 26-28 Denver Colorado Gary Deachman
Bill McKienzie
2009 April 22-26 Troy Michigan Stan Summers & Kurt Bachmann
1985 April 25-27 Denver Colorado Gary Deachman
Bill McKienzie
2010 April 14-18 San Antonio Texas Jeb Burruss
1986 April 24-26 Fort Myers Florida Ed Kaye
2011 April 27-May 1 Cedar Rapids Iowa Scott Williams
1987 April 23-25 Chicago (Alsip) Illinois Larry Biehl
Fil Graff
2012 April 18-22 Las Vegas Nevada John Cartwright
1988 April 21-23 Saint Louis Missouri Vic Keown
2013 April 10-14 Nashville Tennessee John Stanley
1989 April 20-23 Frankenmuth Michigan Herb Danziger
Lehr Roe
2014 April 9-13 Chapel Hill North Carolina John Stanley
1990 April 26-28 Durham North Carolina John Stanley
2015 April 22-26 Phoenix Arizona Todd Barnes & Brian Cooley
1991 April 25-27 Research Triangle Park (RTP) North Carolina Roger Jarrell
John Stanley
2016 April 20-24 Baltimore Maryland John Stanley
1992 April 23-25 Fort Mitchell Kentucky Tom Zruno
2017 April 19-23 Chapel Hill North Carolina John Stanley
1993 April 29-May 1 Fort Mitchell Kentucky Herb Haydock
2018 April 18-22 Seattle Washington John Stanley
1994 April 28-30 Reading Pennsylvania Ben Hoffman
2019 April 24-28 Miamisburg Ohio John Stanley
1995 April 20-22 Saint Joseph Missouri Don Whelan
2020 No Convention Coronavirus Timeout Covid-19
1996 April 24-28 Chicago (Lisle) Illinois Norm Jay
Bob Stahly
2021 September 22-26 Quakertown Pennsylvania John Stanley
1997 April 23-27 Buffalo New York Mark Barren
2022 September 28-October 2 Miamisburg Ohio John Stanley
1998 April 22-26 San Francisco California John Cartwright
2023 August 2-6 NABA Chicago (Schaumburg) IL John Stanley
1999 April 21-25 Naples Florida Bob McNary
Art Johnson
2024 July 29-August 3 NABA Saint Louis Missouri John Stanley Email JFO
2000 April 26-30 Chicago (Lisle) Illinois Norm Jay
2025 July 21-26 NABA Kalamazoo Michigan John Stanley Email JFO
2001 April 18-22 Saint Joseph Missouri Don Whelan
2026 July 27-August 1 NABA Valley Forge Pennsylvania John Stanley Email JFO
2002 April 24-28 Fredericksburg Virginia Larry Moter
2027 August ??? ????? John Stanley Email JFO
2003 April 9-13 Saint Louis Missouri Art Santen
John Stanley
2028 August ??? ????? John Stanley Email JFO

Advertising Openers: This valuable and expansive guide to advertising openers of all sorts features over 1,500 images picturing more than 2,800 openers and corkscrews. It is the ultimate guide to bottle openers. Whether you are interested in flat figural, key shape, wire formed, souvenir, and multipurpose openers or lifters, piercers, can keys, and smokers tools, you will find them here. Part 1 groups beer advertising openers and corkscrews in an alphanumeric system. Part 2 has special chapters on manufacturers openers, beverage openers, can keys, smoker s tools, souvenir openers, and World s Fair openers. Patent drawings and details are included with many of the photo captions. Value ranges are shown. A chronological index of American patents and a type index in Part 3 also make this book an invaluable reference. May this publication open the minds of new and experienced collectors to the expanse of this unique and fascinating hobby. 288 pages. 9" x 12". Hard Cover.

Video 1 Preview

Video 2 Preview

Order Advertising Openers From Schiffer Publishing

Anheuser-Busch owner, Adolphus Busch, created a brewing empire in the late 19th and early 20th century and he was very generous in giving out knives and match safes to his many distributors and customers. He spared no expense in producing a quality giveaway that was treasured by the person receiving it. Robert "Bob" Sudduth has amassed an amazing collection of these knives and match safes. Don Bull through his extensive research has added many historical facts and stories behind the man and his company including over 1,000 photographs.

Order Anheuser-Busch Knives & Match Safes: The Collection of Robert Sudduth On Amazon

Wall-mounted stationary openers collector's guide with applicable patent information for known wall-mounted stationary openers from 1893-1970. This book contains over 140 pictures and 100 patents of known wall-mounted stationary openers. This guide will be of use to all current and future opener collectors by helping to educate and preserve a rich history of a simple classic design that has lasted to serve us for well over 120 years.

Order Wall Mounted Stationary Openers On Amazon

Starr Bottle Openers Since 1925 Guide To Collecting Brown Manufacturing Company: Brown Mfg. Company has been making the iconic stationary wall mounted bottle opener since 1925. This guide provides a complete inventory, with photographs, of known embossed bottle openers made by Brown and provides a way to approximately date their production. This will allow collectors to identify which openers could expand their collection. Also included is a brief history and rarity guide for each.

Order Starr Openers On Amazon

Publications: Now ten books with color pictures are available, Anheuser-Busch Knives & Match Safes: The Collection of Robert Sudduth; Advertising Openers; Wall Mounted Stationary Openers; Starr Bottle Openers Since 1925; Boxes Full of Corkscrews; The Ultimate Corkscrew Book; Bull's Pocket Guide to Corkscrews; Just for Openers, A Guide to Beer, Soda & Other Openers; Soda Advertising Openers; and Beer Advertising: Knives, Letter Openers, Ice Picks, Cigar Cutters and More.

Just For Openers A Guide to Beer, Soda & Other Openers: The softcover book by Donald A. Bull and John R. Stanley contains 160 pages and 380 color photographs that include over 850 openers and corkscrews. A price guide is included.

Soda Advertising Openers: The softcover book by Donald A. Bull and John R. Stanley contains 160 pages and 275 color photographs that include over 300 openers and corkscrews. Over 2500 listings for the 300 types is included with prices.

Beer Advertising: Knives, Letter Openers, Ice Picks, Cigar Cutters and More: The softcover book by Donald A. Bull contains 176 pages and 520 color photographs for sharp beer advertising items including prices. A Brewery/Brand index and a Manufacturers index are included for easy reference.

Additional Opener/Corkscrew Resources

Don Bull's Virtual Corkscrew Museum Joe Paradi's Corkscrew Net NABA Breweriana Web Site
ICCA Auction (Corkscrews) Paul Widdup Cast Iron Openers Openers in The Collectors Weekly
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