What Is The Status of the Upcoming JFO Newsletter?

Dear Membership,

Progress is being made on the July newsletter but it has been a busy last couple of months. After 50 years of collections Art Santen decided to stop buying openers. He also decided to start selling out all of his collections. Since the NABA Convention was in Madison, WI the first of August I went out via St Louis and along with Tommy Campnell bought a lot of openers and corkscrews from Art. Save for his newer Budweiser openers and openers on display, I pretty much bought out his beer openers. Since then a lot of cleaning has been going on. We head to Las Vegas this week and upon our return will continue on the newsletter. Thank you to everyine who attended and made the Seattle Convention a great time for everyone. Any quesions or comments please email me. jfo@mindspring.com